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Weekly Updates January 15th

Next PTG General Meeting is Thursday, January 17th. We have FREE CHILDCARE to make it easier for parents to attend.

Check out the agenda for this month's meeting.

Take a look at the minutes from our December 4th Meeting.


Calendar Update- We are continuously updating our McGlynn PTG 2018-2019 Schedule. You can check it out online via the link above or on our bulletin board in the PTG Room at the school. If you use Google Calendar you can subscribe to the McGlynn Elementary Google PTG Calendar.

HELP WANTED - AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM - The PTG is looking to expand the After School Program, but we need parent volunteers. This Fall, we piloted the "Escape the Classroom" Math Club. This Spring, we hope to add 2-3 programs. In order to do so, we need parent volunteers. If you have 2 hours a week during the afternoon for a 6-8 week period, please email


WINTERFEST is coming!- Friday, February 1st from 6-8pm, the PTG is putting on Winterfest, a winter-themed fundraiser to support field trips for McGlynn students. Join us for a fun night of family games. We will have Twister, Pictionary, Trivia and more. Entrance is $2. Pizza and bake goods will be sold. Hope to see you there! Email if you are interested in helping out.

First McGlynn Elementary Read-a-thon- This year, the McGlynn PTG will be sponsoring their First Annual Read-a-thon. Students will be asked to read in order to raise money for the McGlynn community. The read-a-thon schedule will be as follows:

January 21-25: McGlynn Read-a-thon Sponsor Sign Up

January 28: McGlynn Read-a-thon Starts

February 1: McGlynn Read-a-thon Ends

February 4-8: McGlynn Read-a-thon Fund Collection

A big thanks to Sharon Tomasulo and Mrs. Collins for taking on the Read-a-thon for the McGlynn! If you have any Read-a-thon questions, please reach out to Sharon

World's Finest Chocolates- This February, the PTG will be selling the World's Finest Chocolate Bars. Look out for order forms in your student's folder this week. We will be selling both $1 and $2 bars in a variety of flavors.

Chuck-E-Cheese Fundraiser- The PTG raised $183.69 and had a great time at Chuck-E-Cheese last Wednesday. Thank you, Renee Hanley, for making it happen!

Sky Zone Fundraiser- On February 13th from 3-8pm, bring your students to Jump for the McGlynn at Sky Zone.

Community Engagement

Edison Robots with Ms. Caron- Last week Ms. Caron put out the call for help with her classes while she taught the students about programming Edison Robots to race, follow lines, follow a flashlight beam, and sumo wrestle! The PTG answered the call and was able to arrange at least one parent to help with each class. Thank you so much to Ms. Caron for bringing such a great project to our students and to all our parents who gave their time to help with this project!

Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention Assessment of McGlynn Elementary- Last week, the Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention Assessment reported to the the School Committee on the assessment done on the social and emotional climate of the McGlynn Middle and Elementary Schools. Check out the article about it in the Medford Wicked Local.

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