The bulk of the work of the PTG happens in our committees.

For a full description of all committee positions go here.



The Community Engagement Committee works as a team to plan, coordinate and implement strategies to increase volunteerism at the school. This committee is responsible for coordinating volunteer participation for all PTG programs.


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Chemistry Students


The Enrichment Committee is responsible for planning activities to enrich the learning of McGlynn Elementary students. This includes helping to plan things like field trips and in-school presentations. This year, the PTG will be developing a new after school club!


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New Laptop


The Communications Committee is responsible for ensuring the school community is informed about PTG activities. As a team, they manage communications and marketing for the PTG, including Parent Directory, Facebook, newsletters, email broadcasts, website, and bulletin boards.


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Ice Cream Party


The Fundraising Committee works as a team to plan, coordinate, and implement fundraising projects to support the financial goals of the PTG. This includes anything from selling pies to organizing the Ice Cream Social.


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