Our Mission


The purpose of the PTG is to enhance and support the educational experience at the McGlynn Elementary School, to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement, and to improve the environment at McGlynn Elementary through volunteer and financial support. The PTG will provide resources for educational, social, and recreational needs, and promote open communication among and between all members of the McGlynn Elementary Community.

The PTG aims to support the teachers of the McGlynn Elementary school by providing resources not allowed for in the school budget and participating in ongoing appreciation.


All  parents, guardians, or other adults standing in “loco parentis” for a student at the McGlynn Elementary school as well as the teachers and the principal are invited to be members of the PTG.


This means you have the right to attend meetings, serve on committees and vote on how we should support the McGlynn Elementary Community.


Come help us raise money and figure out the best way to serve our students!

Important PTG Information

PTG Bylaws- The bylaws are rules we create and agree to follow as an organization.

Finances- The PTG is 100% transparent with the finances. This link will take you to the ledger, the budget and the most current financial report.

Agendas and Meeting Minutes- This link will take you to an archive of the PTG General Meeting minutes.

Newsletters- This link will take you to our newsletter archive.

Parent Directory- This year the PTG will be using AtoZ Connect to build a parent directory. Take a few minutes to sign up! This allows us to send you emails about school updates, PTG events and volunteer opportunities.

PTG Schedule- You can also subscribe to our Google Calendar.

PTG Social Media Policy

PTG Financial Policy 

Teacher Driven Project Proposal Form- This form is for teachers to fill out when then would they have an idea for our Teacher Driven Project program. Teachers can receive small grants up to $200.

Mustang Spirit Store- This is a link to our online store. 

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